Welcome to Start Your Podcast a free workshop to help you start, launch, and grow your podcast!

This workshop will help you gain clarity so you can know exactly who your podcast is for. As you dive into this workshop keep in mind that your podcast is an experience for your listener, and although we speak to multiple people as podcasters - there is an ideal listener.

When you give your ideal listener so much value they become a loyal listener.

What can you expect? Amazing information that's going to help you gain more insight into why podcasting is a powerful tool, and why you should definitely start your podcast!

If you have been wondering if you could really have a podcast or if anyone would even listen, the answer is YES!

After watching this masterclass you will have more clarity when it comes to:

  • The bigger why behind your podcast

  • Who your podcast is for

  • How to create trust with your listener so they come back every single episode to press play

  • The goal of your podcast

  • A step by step to building your podcast

  • And More!

Example Curriculum

  Welcome to Start Your Podcast Masterclass - A Podcast 101 Masterclass
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  Start & Launch Your Podcast, Grow Your Audience, Impact Others
Available in days
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